A key skill of HIRSCH Spedition: Transports to Iran!


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Competence is a tradition: HIRSCH delivers your product and goods to Iraq!


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With HIRSCH into the holiday countries: lorry transports to Turkey.



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HIRSCH Internationale Spedition

Fast, faster, HIRSCH Internationale Spedition.
We deliver your goods always safely to their destination.

HIRSCH Internationale Spedition in Munich and Milan has been in business since 1968. Inexpensive transport and fast delivery are ascertained. In particular the transport service proved itself in the Middle East, like Iran and Iraq, as well as in all of Central Asia!

Being a reliable and competent forwarding agency, HIRSCH keeps up with the time, of course. Currently, the economic centres in Turkey are gaining significance. Hence, HIRSCH has been offering quick and timely transports in Turkey since 2009.

With HIRSCH Internationale Spedition, all goods arrive at their destination safely and on time.